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Bold statement? Slightly pretentious? Only if you don't know us all that well yet. We are confident in our ability to rise up to any challenge and tackle whatever task you may come up with. Where does all this confidence and bravado come from, you ask? Fair question, scroll down and see what makes us tick.

The story of two towers... Erm, offices

A fresh face in the gaming industry coming out guns blazing? Not quite. The story begins one stormy December night many years ago when a particular creative director approached a particular 3D artist for a freelance gig.

Long story short, business and friendship bloomed and several years later out came the idea of creating an international service providing company aimed at the gaming industry.

With offices located in both Belgrade and Singapore, Onyx employs a wide array of (in our honest opinion) talented in-house artists capable of delivering above and beyond on your expectations. In keeping up with the times we also utilize a robust platform to work with international talent whenever a project allows it.

Still with us? Good!

The Great Talk

From the beginning, our idea was to build the business on understanding our clients' core needs. So we talked, and we talked, and just when we thought we were done talking, you guessed it, we talked some more.

What we've learned is that our clients have issues talking with most of their current vendors. No, not skype connectivity issues, vendors not understanding their needs and the needs of their project issues.

We've come to realize we need to take the time and listen. Listen to what your needs or issues are and together decide what's the best way to approach them. Sometimes it's straightforward, other times the issue requires us to rethink how we approach our work.

In the end, we truly believe as a service provider we can never put too much emphasis on understanding our clients' vision, clearly communicating any and all issues as soon as they arise and maintaining professional relations with just a dash of humor. At the end of the day, we are all gamers, aren't we?

Back to the future

This is the part where you expect us to say "We are gonna be a 10.000 people company in 10 years".

The truth is, we don't know. Data analytics and business predictions only go so far and don't quite tell the full story, especially in the ever-evolving world of gaming.

Our goal is to provide you, the client, with an experience that you'll look back at fondly. Will we achieve that goal or not is up to you to decide.

No project ever goes perfectly smoothly and we are fully aware of that, each one of us has had a personal fair share of ups and downs, but we live by the idea that a mistake is only considered as one if it's made in the same way more than once.

Everything else we consider experience, and by now we've amassed quite a bit of it.

The Conclusion

Ahh, this is slightly awkward, we didn't actually think anyone would still be reading... Well, kudos to you!

Now that you're here you may as well scroll just a bit further down and introduce yourself.

We are looking forward to meeting both you and your project!

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Rules of Procedure

Just like any other serious company, we also have specific rules of procedure we adhere to.

They can be accessed from here: